Dec 1, 2008

Seeing Our Name in Print

We were trying to keep this one under wraps until it hit news stands. I think we secretly were terrified that it was going to fall through, but here it is, finally! QuickDFW is a supplemental magazine to the Dallas Morning News newspaper. It's published weekly and features entertainment, night life, shopping, and the like. It is free and can be found at thousands of locations in the DFW Metroplex. Their November 27th issue has gift guides and devoted an entire page to EtsyDallas. Out of the dozens of members, 7 were chosen to be featured in this guide and Midnight Snack was one of them! Check out the whole issue online, here. Congratulations to all the EtsyDallas members who were chosen! We have about 10 pounds worth of copies over here, I hope everyone was able to get a copy of their own! Thanks QuickDFW, we couldn't be happier!