Jun 29, 2010

Came to Party, Left with a Sewing Machine

In case you haven't heard (I've been slow to post lately), the Etsy Dallas Craft Party was a huge success! We had a huge turnout, making our party the biggest in the entire world! Woo hoo go team! Oh, and did I mention that I won that oh-so-lovely, brand new sewing machine? Heck yes I did! And boy it couldn't have come at a better time. My $90 Brother sewing machine purchased 5 years ago is on it's last leg.

That's me with my new sewing machine.

So, now everyone is all "Did you set up your machine, yet?" or "What have you made with your new machine?" And I'm all "Cool your jets people, I want to get this set up right!" But the truth is that I had to get new furniture. See previous to know I had a sewing machine and serger machine and only enough space for one. So I would have to switch from one to the other as needed, moving one from the table top to the floor whenever I needed to switch. It was a huge pain. So, I decided quite some time ago I needed a bigger work station. Now I had even bigger motivation to go out and buy it. So this is what I purchased from IKEA.
It's great because the wide desk is open underneath meaning I can put two machines on the top, one on either side, and move my chair around instead of the machines around. And the extra storage is a bonus, too. So, I'm working on getting the craft room ready for the new furniture and new machine and promise I will start making some awesome new items soon.

Jun 2, 2010

It's a Party and You're Invited

Etsy is having a global craft party! Groups all over the world are having parties on June 18th as part of the celebration for Etsy's birthday. Our very own local group, Etsy Dallas, is partnering with the Make Studios to throw the party for our neck of the woods.

Look that's us, currently in second place!

To make it even more interesting, there is sort of a contest going on for the top 50 largest parties in the world. There is some swag on the line here so as expected the competition is pretty brutal. Currently Dallas is in the #2 spot! RSVP's are being tracked through meetup.com and we need your help to push us to the #1 spot. Also, we'd love to have you at the party where you can meet the Etsy Dallas team members, see the Make Studios, play, and have fun with a group of crafty and artsy people. It's really going to be a blast. So RSVP ASAP to the Etsy Dallas Craft Party! We'll see you there.

To RSVP to the Dallas party, click here.
To read more about the global party, click here.