Aug 23, 2010

Several ways to Search

This post on the Etsy Dallas blog reminded me to tell all you guys about several ways to find Midnight Snack items just by searching on Etsy!

First off, you can find some Midnight Snack items, as well as other Etsy Dallas team members items on Etsy just by searching one simple term. Type "EtsyDallas2010" into the search bar and check out all the great items from our selected members!

If you want to look just for me, Midnight Snack, then type "midnightsnack" into the search bar. Notice that there is no space in "midnightsnack" when using it in the search bar. That term will pull up a few, but not all, of my items and help direct you to my store!

Other search terms that will undoubtedly result in a Midnight Snack items are, plushes, food plushes, miniature jewelry, and embellished clothing.

Have fun and be sure to check out some of my great new items, including these fantastic Skull Earrings!