Jul 19, 2010

I finally mastered the food-on-a-stick design

Midnight Snack is known for food plushes. So it has irked me to no end that I hadn't figured out how to make realistic looking food-on-a-stick. Well, thanks to my genius husband, I figured it out yesterday.

See the trick is, just like the real food, the plush needs a stick that goes all the way through it. Otherwise it flops forward or backward and looks sort of soggy. But what kind of stick works? Nothing too hard as that poses a risk of harm when using the plush, but it still has to be rigid. Guess what we landed on? A pool noodle! Thank god the stores are starting to dump their pool accessories and these are about $1 at most stores.

So here it is, my first food-on-a-stick plush, the corn dog on a stick! Now think of the possibilities.